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Book Covers

Are you currently in the process of promoting and want a thesis with a unique cover design?
Then Sphere Industries is your solution!

Unique Design

We design covers based on the subject of theses.
You can give us the freedom to generate ideas which fit your thesis or you can tell us exactly what you want.
Of course a middle ground is possible as well, as long as you are satisfied with the end result.

We only take care of the design of your book cover, the printing of the book itself is handle by a print shop of your choosing.
It is therefor important to know which print shop you want ahead of time, so we know what the exact format of the book will be.

2D and 3D

From a sober 2D design to a complex 3D model, anything is possible. Choosing a 2D or 3D design depends on the subject of your dissertation.
The advantage of a 3D design is that it can be used for other illustrations inside the thesis as well.

Clear Prices

At the bottom of this page you will find the prices for designing the cover of your thesis.


We closely work together with Ridderprint, the best solution for printing our unique covers!

Click on 1 of the following examples below for more information.

Prices Book Covers

All designs will be unique and won't be reused for other customers.

After pressing "Order" you will be forwarded to the contact page, please enter the type of cover you wish in the "Message" text area.



2D Design

See example 6, 7 & 8

Includes 1 lay-out correction



2D Design

Includes Stock Photo

See examples 1, 4, 5 & 9

Includes 3 lay-out corrections



3D Design

Includes 3D model

Includes fitting powerpoint slides*

See examples 2 & 3

Lay-out corrections until you are satisfied

*   The PowerPoint slides consists of the following 4 slides: Title-slide, text-slide, photo-slide and ending-slide.